Virtual Silver - $29.00/mo*, $250/yr (you save $98!)
The Virtual Silver Account comes with 10 MB of disk space
10 Email POP3 accounts,
10 FTP log-on userID's (Website accounts)
1000 MB's data transfer per month.
Extra Email POP3 or FTP log-on userID's are only $2/mo each,
Extra disk space is only $1/MB/mo, and extra data transfer is just 10/MB/mo.
There is a one-time set-up fee for this account of $49.
This account has full Virtual Server privledges and for a one-time $35 setup fee you get a 5 MB SSL Website Account!

You must register your Domain Name with the Internic

Additional Charges are:
Setup Feedback $15 - Setup Guestbook $15
Setup Mail Accounts $5 - Setup FTP Accounts $5
Email Support $0 - Phone Support $25
Parking Website $49/6 months
Re-Connection $35

Additonal Options:
FrontPage $60.00 Setup
Active Server Pages $60.00 Setup
ODBC $35.00 Setup
Cold Fusion $35.00 Setup & $15.00/Month
SSL Account $35.00 Setup
Digital Certificate $60.00 Setup
Password Protection $35.00 Setup & $15.00/Month
Note: FrontPage extensions are not available with password Protected Web Directores

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